So you’ve established your online home (Your own website ) and now you’re looking for ways to bring more customers to your virtual front door?

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Before we start

Watch this video to educate your self: Googles guide before hiring a SEO specialist

First things first

As an SEO consultant based in Malta, I am currently running many successful projects for clients in English and Italian in a range of sectors. I still have capacity to take on new projects and I love collaborating with clients to create successful white hat SEO for your business.

I will never give you false promises like many spam emails you may receive claiming to take you to the top in one month. No, I understand well that SEO is an investment for your website and it’s a marathon not a sprint, and I work according to that philosophy. After a few months though, I will be able to show positive results and there’s no doubt I can help you climb the rank for your chosen keywords.

I pride myself on offering an affordable service, implementing best practices on your website to drive growth for your brand and strengthen its position in Google.

As I begin any collaboration, I will be looking to take a multifunctional approach to your website with content, web, marketing, and UX/UI to ensure you’re visible when customers are searching for you.

How Do I Build An SEO Project Plan For Your Business?

I Listen To Your Needs.

  • From the initial one-on-one first call I want to know everything about you and your business goals. I can start with a complete analysis of the website, and send you an audit report via email afterwards.
  • When we speak again, I will have completed the keyword analysis and competitor analysis and created the entire plan for you. I will be able to explain to you in detail how I plan to execute the project and what kind of further information I need from you.
  • I have found it best practice to talk with the marketing manager of your business, but if you are still scaling up then a chat with the owner is perfect. I always take that extra step to educate you on the steps being taken while we are building a plan together since SEO can be a bit of a complicated subject.

I will review the history of your website and ask key questions like:

How long have they been in the business?

How’s the generation of their sales?

What are their top competitors doing right (and wrong)?

Has your website has been hit by an algorithmic penalty?

I will review the history of your website and ask key questions like:

Then I can begin coming up with solutions and developing a strategy plan.

My Search Engine Optimization Strategy "technically explained"

  • 404 errors
  • Improper 301 redirects
  • Duplicate content including Meta descriptions and Title tags
  • Check site load time
  • Search engine indexing issues
  • Perform a Google site search
  • Any black hat SEO penalties
  • Ensure your site is mobile-friendly
  • Audit for keyword cannibalization
  • Check your site’s robots.txt file
  • Perform a Google site search
  • Check HTTPS status codes
  • Check XML sitemap status

Keywords are at the foundation of an SEO campaign, Choosing what are the correct & more relevant keywords for your business website. We discuss with you at the very beginning to understand how your target audience thinks & how they search for the products or services, We use trusted keyword research tools. We analyse local market & internationally. And finalising keywords that best reflect the content & goals of that individual pages of your website.

To make your website “search engine friendly”. Searched keyword plan naturally incorporate them into the existing content. We will not only tell you what changes you should make to your website content, but also why they are important for your SEO and long term success of your website. We ensure your on-page content are more relevant and optimised of broad, long-tail, branded and non-branded keywords and make more sensible to your website visitors.

We will create unique visitor attacked headings. Which is Title Tag, Meta Tag Description, H1 Tags & Image Tags (alt tags) for each page of your site. Also implementing proper url structure for your website. Making your website more appropriate for search spiders.

Evaluate your internal link building helps When each user lands on to your website to feel them that your website is the ultimate website for their web search also a good internal link building strategy instruct to search engines that this is our most important content. We ensure your top-selling product or service content is visible to website visitors by creating a more buying power.

I send outreach emails on behalf of our clients to create new guest post opportunities. We create, nurture, build real relationships that enable us to offer some of the highest quality link outreach services at a good scale, for a fraction of the cost of the other providers. We do basic, standard, & premium depending on clients budget. We will also run a link audit on your top competitors’ sites and compare your link portfolio to theirs.

More searches are being conducted on a local level, as a part of the linking building campaign we create profiles on regional search engine profile including Google Local, Maps or Places.
If your business is located in Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Asian or Pacific regions we cover them up accordingly for a strong local presence. If your website already has profiles on all the major local search engines we optimise & maintain them for better awareness.

I analyse and choose what social media platform works for you the most from ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-in, Pinterest etc..) & maintain them. We will ensure that each of will attract the right audience. We will represent your brand. But “We will not directly connect with your followers/clients commenting, messaging answering question “ You will need to represent for your queries.

Ones the social media strategy has been created we deploying weekly strategy for your most appropriate social media platforms. We create social media content behalf of your business & promote them through social media & social bookmarking sites. We will spend time to understand your business in-order to create them. We always follows your business guidance. Eventually this will increase brand awareness and followers.

I do not create video productions. I take your excising videos & optimise them in proper channels like Youtube, Vimeo & daily motion etc.. You tube SEO will increase your overall online brand presence & fuel your link building campaign. If you have already channels we properly optimise them for your targeted keywords. Your videos we properly leverage them for your SEO Plan.

Many businesses struggle with content creation. Content creations lack because of many reasons, Like you don’t have time to commit, not comfortable with writing, don’t know what to write about & most importantly don’t know how to leverage from the content ??? We will spare time to know about your business & study who are your clients, sitting in between that we can write your ideal content and maintain your Blog.

  • 1. Create informational content – This content we can use on your blog platform to educate your audience & convince them to buy your product or services.
  • 2. Promotional content Promotional content we can create increasing the buying power and increase sales. (The content that we create goes through your supervision and approval before publishing at any media or blog)

These content that we create we use them in right media for better awareness. We believe each individual business has useful information they would like to share with their target audience. We Click-outreach make it happened & make your life easy. If you have an in-house content creator we happy to work with them to optimise the content make awareness.

  • Pulling data
  • Explaining the work
  • Current Keyword positions
  • Make further recommendations

Beat Your Competitors

How Seach Engine Optimization can Help Your Business!

Search engine optimization, or SEO, which helps you promote your business in the unpaid search results. When people type your product or service in a search engine (Keywords), they’re letting Google know exactly what they are looking for. And what we do is getting your website in front of the right people who are searching for your products and services. In another word, to get your business website ranked on the first page of GoogleYahoo and Bing !!


Did you Know?

“ 90% of people don’t look past the 1st page of first results. This means that if you want more customers to find your business website, you need to rank in top search results for keywords related to your business. “

Count on me

Best Practices

I will be using the SEO fundamentals that I have learned and The “SEO” best practices that I’ve had to learn from the hard way.

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Pricing & Terms

Where pricing is concerned, each website and SEO approach is different so I cannot create a one-size-fits-all package. It’s not really practical before knowing your niche, your business or its needs.

SEO is a long-term plan and I will always tailor your pricing by discussing every aspect with you first. I will give you complete transparency from start to finish.

If there are any additional costs for example to compete with your competitor’s behavior, building some powerful backlinks may be necessary with some authoritative websites, but this is taken on a case by case situation.

Payment is made upfront and the next invoice will be sent with the monthly SEO report at the end of the month.

I will not be offering services only to be paid when an expected outcome is met, for example achieving a certain keyword rank.

Basic questions are answered here.


It depends on a few different factors, like what niche your website is in, the strength of your competition, how good is your website and the popularity of your brand. 

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With Google adwords (pay per click) you bid for search phrases, the highest bidder generally gets a listing on top of the search results. While Google adwords is a great source of traffic, organic search traffic will be cheaper in the long term and will drive more quality traffic to your site.

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Choose Day / time to Speak

Below you will see a calendar where you can book a call by choosing your preferred day and time to speak. Available on Zoom & Skype

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